8 Golden Relationship Advise

                                                8 Golden Relationship Advice

A healthy relationship is inevitable and essential to humanity. Without a relationship, there is no couple. While an intimate or casual relationship can result in two people coming together to become a couple, most of these couples may not last forever. Successful relationships can be attributed to the commitment of two individuals. Both parties need to pay the price to strengthen the relationship and make it a standard for upcoming ones. Hence, there is a need to take a look at the advice that can strengthen our relationships. Therefore, in this article, we discuss the eight golden relationship advice you can follow to have a healthy relationship.

1. Identify Your Reasons For Loving Your Spouse

There are many reasons people fall in love as they claim. But do you love your spouse or is what you have lust? If you love your spouse, you need to find a compelling reason for that love. Any reason you pinpoint will help you accept your spouse’s flaw when the need arises.

2. Identify Your Spouse’s Needs

Many a time, most relationships thrive when both parties know their need at a particular point in time. To make your relationship healthy, you must know what your spouse needs and be ready to help. These needs include standing by them in times of trial, when they are sick and when they need financial help.

3. Set a Realistic Expectation

One of the primary reasons relationships fail is that parties involved have unrealistic expectations about themselves. To have a healthy relationship, you must set realistic expectations. This will make your relationship real. Then you will be able to handle issues when things go wrong, thereby maintaining a healthy relationship.

4. Respect Each Other

Most people believe that love is the only ingredient they need in a relationship. This is the reason most relationships fail. To have a healthy relationship, you need to respect one another. This will help you trust each other. You can show respect by appreciating your partner’s love for you, making gratitude your attitude towards yourselves, making and sticking to promises, respecting each other’s ideas and acknowledging your spouse’s impact in your life.

5. Talk to Your Spouse

A successful relationship requires that partners show love and make each other best friend. In this way, you can know all about yourselves. When you have issues with each other, talk to each other and settle all problems among yourselves. Never make your relationship issues third party affairs. In this way, the bond of your relationship becomes more robust.

6. Don’t Hate Your Spouse

In your relationship, never create hatred against your spouse when you are offended. Else, the relationship becomes history. Instead of hating your spouse for an offense, hate the sin that was committed. This way, there is room for forgiveness.

7. Spend Time with Your Spouse

One of the reasons why most relationships fail is that most partners spend little time with each other. To have a healthy relationship, you must spend quality time with your spouse, most notably when you closed from work, on holidays, and on weekends. If the nature of your job warrants you staying away, you can come around and celebrate with them on special days like their birthdays and wedding anniversaries and your spouse can always come to you. In this way, you can have a healthy relationship.

8. Be Romantic

Relationships become strengthened and the cord of love becomes more robust when you maintain physical intimacy with your spouse. To have a healthy relationship, you must be committed to touching your spouse and show love to each other. Also, you must be romantic and be comfortable with your spouse when you are on a date or vacation. In this way, you can maintain a healthy relationship.


A healthy relationship leads to a happy life. The guidelines discussed above can help you have a fulfilled relationship. Follow them diligently and you will not regret doing so. 

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